IPASonline is a secure web-based application that enables OLAP participants to electronically access their OLAP account(s). Participants can access IPASonline through OLAPONLINE.ORG and have the ability to conduct transactions and monitor all aspects of their OLAP investments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IPASonline creates a unique user name for each OLAP entity official authorized by resolution. With 24/7 online access to accounts, authorized officials can electronically request transactions and view account activity securely through IPASonline.  Another option is to place a toll-free call to a OLAP fund administrator to initiate a transaction or to make account inquiries. The OLAP fund administrator will verify the authorized official's user name when contacted by telephone before executing a transaction or answering inquiries relative to the account.

IPASonline allows participants to set up authorized officials with specific access levels. Access levels can be full access which includes access to view account information (including existing money movement instructions and authorized officials), current and historical balances, transactions, statements and also allows the OLAP user to initiate transactions.  View only access allows the user to view account information, balances, transactions and statements.

Other IPASonline™ Features

Up to four preauthorized bank accounts can be set up in IPASonline to conveniently transfer money to and from OLAP. 

• Unlimited subaccounts can be set up which allows for segregation of funds to match government accounting standards.

• Initiate transactions (investments, withdrawals, and transfers between OLAP accounts) for the next available settlement date or up to 30 days in advance for a future business day settlement.


• View or export detail of historical and pending transactions and modify previously entered pending transactions prior to settlement date.

View or export current and historical account balances along with the daily dividend accrual.

• Email notification delivered as daily account confirmation and month-end statements are processed. 

• Monthly recurring transaction(s).

We welcome any feedback or suggestions on how the system can work for you.

Send an email to fundservices@miles-capital.com with your ideas.

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