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OLAP rate as of 11/16/17 0.8936%

The Oklahoma Public School Liquid Asset Pool (OLAP) consists of Permitted Investments which tend to be short-term and liquid in nature. The Pool seeks to maintain a dollar weighted average maturity less than 90 days and a constant net asset value per share of beneficial interest of $1.00. The Pool has a $1.00 minimum balance requirement and no minimum amount requirements on deposits and withdrawals. A participant may withdraw funds from the Pool on a daily basis in any amount not in excess of its account balance in the Pool.

The Fixed Income Investment Program (FIIP) allows Participants to individually invest monies in certificates of deposit issued by banks and thrift institutions, certain securities issued by the United States Government or its agencies and instrumentalities, certain obligations of the State of Oklahoma, repurchase agreements collateralized with Permitted Investments, and certain other fixed income investments. The certificates of deposit available through this program are usually issued in $250,000 denominations and held in the name of the school district purchaser. Through the Fixed Income Investment Program, Participants can purchase CDs using monies from their Pool account to pay for the investment. Participants select from among CDs issued by a variety of financial institutions of varying maturities.

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Oklahoma Liquid Asset Pool
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Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Transfer Funds Line: 1-866-472-OLAP
Fax: 1-866-260-0246